Erotic depictions of women in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography from the dawn of man to the present.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Period Venus in stockings and hat

Here is a splendid retro Venus, which was sent me by my friened Bettina, on the basis that she thought ir gave an impression of Edith Challenor from my story The Lust World.  Rather younger than Edith's forty-one years, I think, but the body shape does, indeed look right!

At first glance I assumed that this picture was probably from between about 1890 and 1910 but looking at it again I am not so sure.  The picture is very crisp with a good depth of field, her stockings don't look quite right and the white furniture would be unusual fir the period.  So, very crisp original or clever pastiche?  Whatever, it is a lovely image and certainly has the requisite flavour of my story!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Chronicles of Triple P; Teasing and Temptation

I had an unfortunate case of premature publication on Friday, where I accidentally published my next Chronicles before I had completed it.  At least this made me get on and finish it!  You can read the full version here.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Sleeping Venus by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806)

I haven't featured many of the works of Fragonard on these pages, which is something I need to remedy as he is one of my favourite eighteenth century painters. Here is A Young Girl Sleeping or Une jeune Italienne à demi-nue, couchée volupteusement sur un lit de repos, où elle s'endormie as it was described when sold in 1776 for a thousand livres (the equivalent of about £10,000 based on the value of gold then). This was an early nude by Fragonard, painted when he was in his most Boucheresque phase during his first trip to Italy from 1756 to 1761, so he would have been in his twenties at the time. In fact, it was the only nude he painted in this period but is a forerunner of the tastefully erotic work he would do later in life.

The picture disappeared from the record at the end of the eighteenth century and only reappeared in 2014 when it was put up for auction. Unsigned, due to a piece of luck it could be positively identified, as someone, at the original 1766 auction had made a quick sketch of the painting in their catalogue and this had been preserved in the Bibliothèque National. It was sold in 2014 for the comparatively bargain price pf $395.000.  Well worth the money!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

This cute illustration appeared in saucy French magazine La Vie Parisienne in 1926. It was the work of Georges Pavis (1886-1977) who sold his first illustrations at the age of nine. He studied at l'École des beaux-arts but was drafted into the army during the great war, where he was badly injured at Verdun. After the war he provided illustrations for all the main French magazines as well as books.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 32: Elizabeth

Someone commented, on our recent post on back door Venuses from UK magazines, that I had posted the cover of the first men's magazine that they had bought, back in 1975.  This used to be something of a rite of passage at the time; like seeing your first X-certificate film at the cinema (the equivalent of an 'R' in Britain - no hardcore in the UK!) or buying your first alcoholic drink in a pub.  Technicall,y you used to have to be eighteen years old to do all three but there was excitement at trying to achieve these milestones earlier.

So, this person's first men's magazine purchase was the April 1975 issue of Club International.  He  (I assume!) emphasised that this was the first one he had bought as opposed to having been given; a crucial difference.  

I found my first men's magazine copy on the train (Men Only, May 1976) just over a year later but the first one I bought was Men Only's February 1979 issue (so I was just over eighteen).  I had finished school and after Christmas started working at London Heathrow Airport.  The windowless office was so dismal that I went out for a walk every lunchtime and soon discovered a newsagent in the dismal village of Stanwell, adjoining the Cargo Terminal.  Mainly consisting of post-war, pre-fabricated social housing the only famous person who came from Stanwell was whining, eighties electro-pop star Gary Numan.  Stanwell was so rough I actually didn't feel safe walking around there, even during the day, but the newsagents had a big range of men's magazines and, importantly, male staff; highly vital when you were a teenager buying your first men's magazines!

Anyway, back to our correspondent's first purchase and I have decided to post the first girl in that issue: Elizabeth by Fred Enke.  According to Club International which means you can discount it completely, Elizabeth was a Canadian actress whose favourite playwright was Henrik Ibsen.

In those days the thought of Canadian girls didn't have quite the same resonance that it does for Triple P today.  I didn't even meet a Canadian until 1980 and she was not, I am afraid to say, very attractive.  Still, things improved a lot when I first started to visit the country in 1994, although I actually met my particular friend, Sophie, from Canada in London first.

Also, in those days, Paul Raymond's magazines weren't displaying their models' labia as they soon would be doing that year.  So, although Elizabeth parts her thighs and toys with her pubic hair she remains concealed from the reader.

After her white outfits she makes this one appearance in a black basque and suspenders and presents her really rather lovely bottom to Enke's lens.  Agent Triple P really appreciates raven haired lovelies like this, although I didn't at the time, not developing such a taste until I was spending  a lot of time in Italy, from the mid-eighties. 

Elizabeth here is wearing a pair of those curious hybrid tights/stockings that seem to lack the appeal of both.  I always found that there was something faintly medical about them; that they were worn by women with particularly smelly nether regions, perhaps.  I did have one girlfriend who wore these sometimes but I soon made her stop!

Anyway, a nice shot of Elizabeth to finish, weird hosiery or not, sporting a fetching smile and exposing the fluff between her more than ample bottom cheeks.  We hope it brings back memories for our correspndent!